The June 23 presidential primary is officially back on after a federal judge ruled on Tuesday canceling the primary was a violation of voter’s constitutional rights.

The lawsuit was filed by former presidential candidate Andrew Yang but backed by multiple supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, including the New York Progressive Action Network.

“It was really as the judge said, an unprecedented decision to cancel the primary,” George Albro, co-chair of the New York Progressive Action Network said. “And no other state had.”

A loophole added into the state budget this year allowed the Board of Elections to remove candidates if they suspend or terminate their campaigns. The board cited safety concerns, saying they wanted to protect both poll workers and voters. 

Although Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee, Sanders’ campaign wanted to keep the senator on the ballot to collect delegates in order to influence the party’s platform. Election officials said this was not worth risking people’s lives over, however, NYPAN and members of Sanders’ Once Again Pac said this not what was at stake here.  

“That’s not their call. Can you imagine if unelected state bureaucrats are now in the business of deciding which elections are worthwhile and which aren’t,” Albro exclaimed.

“It’s an exercise in authentic democracy where delegates from around the country come in to discuss and haggle and compromise and sometimes even have fights over what the platform is and what the rules should be,” Charles Lenchner, co-founder of People for Bernie Sanders said. “And the willingness of some Democrats, again Cuomo’s Democratic Party in New York as an example, to be dismissive of that, is one of the many things that unite the supporters of Bernie Sanders.”

“I am so excited to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders on June 23rd because I do want to see the issues that I care about,” Linda Sarsour, National Bernie Sanders delegate, and advisor for the Once Again Pac said.

A spokesperson for the Board of Elections sent a statement saying, “Our lawyers are reviewing the decision and considering all our options. There is a high likelihood of an appeal.”

Sarsour with the Once Again PAC says hopefully the party can just move past this.  

“The Bernie supporters don’t feel heard, they don’t feel seen and they feel like they’re being taken for granted and their issues are not at the table,” Sarsour explained. “So I hope this is actually a uniting opportunity.”

There are also still congressional, state, and local primaries set for June 23. The state will be mailing eligible voters an application to vote absentee. Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa also announced on Wednesday the possibility of recruiting the National Guard to help out at the polls.