This is an unprecedented time for schools across the state.

Even though local school budget deadlines are quickly approaching, the State School Board Association says its top priorities are making sure students are getting their meals and everyone has access to distance learning tools.

"The biggest thing right now, in terms of schools, is just educational continuity," said David Albert, chief communications and marketing officer for NYSSBA. "Thinking about all of the students who are missing out on the education that they deserve."

School budget votes and school board elections are still scheduled for May 19. The only way to change this date is through an executive order by the governor or through the Legislature. Albert says they are working with the governor to potentially move that date back.

They have told people interested in running for their local boards of education not to go out and collect petitions door to door at this time, since it is a health risk.

Albert says they are concerned with the lower revenue projections recently released by the comptroller, and are still not sure how this is going to affect local school budgets. But Albert said that all of this has really paled in comparison to the everyday challenges facing students during this time.

"What’s happened has really turned everything upside down and things that were priorities three or four weeks ago are really no longer priorities ... or much further down the list," Albert explained. 

Both the state and federal government have decided to waive testing mandates for students. Those tests would have been this week.