At the headquarters for Democratic congressional candidate Roger Misso, the question of the right thing to do for the campaign is the center of the conversation.

And part of that conversation is impeachment.  

"It’s a good test for us to see who truly believes strongly in upholding the rule of law,” Misso said.

At Dana Balter’s headquarters, it’s what they’re talking about too.

"I think it's incredibly important,” she said.

Misso and Balter are running for the Democratic nomination to face off against Republican Rep. John Katko in New York’s 24th Congressional District. Katko says when it comes to impeachment, he wants to see more evidence. He's said he'd like to see an investigation into the phone transcripts President Donald Trump had with the president of Ukraine that sparked the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

Misso and Balter both said impeachment not going to become the focus of their campaign.

"I don't think so. I think this is an incredibly important issue and we need to talk about it,” Balter said.  

"No, no I don't think so. To make it out that way is a subversion to our rule of law and the Constitution, to be quite frank,” Misso said.

And the idea that impeachment could become a buzz word or a commonplace practice seems ridiculous to them.

It also seems improbable to Shana Gadarian, an associate professor of political science at Syracuse University.

"Is this a kind of beginning for a tit for tat? That seems pretty unlikely to me,” Gadarian said. “But I would really like your viewers to know that this is bigger than a partisan fight. This is really about the nature of what is the presidency and what can it be used for and it's there for the benefit of the citizens of the United States. It's not there to enrich the person in the office."

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The candidates seem to agree on one thing. Despite what anyone says, the impeachment inquiry isn't a matter of revving up the election season. Political goals aside, the inquiry is serious business and happening right now.

Spectrum News reached out to Democratic candidate Francis Conole for this story, but have not heard back.

The 24th District is made up of Onondaga, Cayuga, Wayne and western Oswego counties.