Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday said supports a bill that would enable Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to gain access to President Donald Trump’s New York state tax filings.

“I am supportive of that bill,” Cuomo said an event on the Hudson River near the old Tappan Zee Bridge. “I believe it’s going to pass.”

The bill has already cleared the Democratic-controlled state Senate this week in a party-line vote over Republican opposition. Democrats in the state Assembly are due to discuss the bill in a closed-door meeting on Monday.

A rally in support of the legislation took place Friday in Albany with progressive groups and Democratic Assemblywoman Pat Fahy.

“This is a response to a request — a request that has to be certified in terms of its narrow use,” she said.

Republicans have charged the bill is a “blatantly political” push by Democratic state lawmakers. Congressional Democrats have sought access to Trump’s federal tax filings, a move the president has resisted. Trump broke with decades of tradition and so far has refused to make his taxes public.

Fahy said the bill is narrowly written to avoid charges of politics.

“I think it makes a lot of sense,” she said. “I think we are at such an unprecedented and disturbing time since we are at such an impasse with co-equal branches of government at the federal level.”

The state Senate also approved a bill on Wednesday that is meant to curb the reach of the president’s power to pardon people by allowing local prosecutors in New York to bring cases against those issued pardons.