Rep. Brian Higgins (D) has been clear for months now.

He felt Congress had lost its way and was looking for a change.

This summer Higgins announced he would no longer support California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic leader of the U.S. House. When the party assumes the majority in Congress next session, the Democratic leader will also be Speaker of the House.

“Power has been too consolidated atop the caucus and it was my hope that, along with like-minded members, we would forge a new leadership structure willing to forcefully assert the powers of Congress as enumerated in Article I of the Constitution while also empowering more members in the process," Higgins said.

As late as last week, Higgins reiterated he didn't want Pelosi for the job, but Wednesday he changed course, announcing he would vote for Pelosi.

The congressman said he was supporting another California representative, Karen Bass, for Speaker, but she recently indicated to him she wasn't pursuing the gavel.

“At the urging of several friends and colleagues — in particular incoming Ways & Means Chairman Richard Neal — I spoke with Leader Pelosi," he said.

Higgins said he took a personal stand earlier this year but a personal stand often requires a pragmatic outlook. In this case, he's had productive conversations with Pelosi about pushing forward some of his priorities, like a bill to make Medicare available to all Americans age 50 and over.

“Following conversations with Nancy and other caucus leaders, I have renewed confidence that more voices will be heard, that members will each have greater opportunities to advance policies meaningful to the communities and country we love," he said.

With the Democratic majority is a slim one, Higgins’ vote could ultimately be a deciding one for Pelosi, who's been the party leader since 2003.