A clash of ideas and passion as New York’s 22nd Congressional District heard arguments from two people wanting to represent it for the next two years.

Republican incumbent Claudia Tenney and Democratic challenger Anthony Brindisi – locked in a neck-and-neck battle – made their case Thursday.

“The voters here have a clear choice, what you’re seeing here is a chameleon, somebody that has a far left voting record, some of the most leftist, socialist, in New York City they actually have a stronger voting record than my opponent,” said Tenney.

“The people I care about are the people in this district; those are my bosses are,” said Brindisi. “That’s who I’m going to listen to after I’m elected.”

A number of topics were discussed in a spirited fashion – from immigration:

“She voted against the Republican compromise bill on immigration reform, the immigration reform, the Republican compromise, she voted against that, so it’s hard to say that the Democrats won’t come to the table, the compromise bill funded sanctuary cities, I don’t think our taxpayers should be put on the hook to House illegal immigrants who can cause harm to our citizens,” said Brindisi.

To marijuana:

“I’m undecided about it I support medical marijuana, I’m very concerned about the negative effects of recreational effects marijuana,” said Tenney.

“It should be decided by the states,” said Brindisi.

To healthcare:

“What we tried to do is reorganize where we would allow people with pre-existing conditions, I was a co-sponsor of the bill, they were busy fearmongering and terrifying seniors that somehow their pre-existing conditions are somehow going to go away,” said Tenney.

“They talked about letting Medicare negotiate with drug companies, allowing for re-importation of drugs from places like Canada, allowing generics to get to the market easier since there’s more competition, that will help drive down premiums,” to Brindisi.

Two candidates that have two competing visions with the balance of power in the House potentially at stake.