Once again this election year, Governor Andrew Cuomo is courting votes from women -- a key constituency as he seeks a third term. 

Cuomo has centered his campaign in large part around President Donald Trump's policies, especially when it comes to reproductive rights.

"We're going to stand up to Trump, we're going to say it's unconstitutional, it's illegal and you can go to heck if you think you're going to do any of that stuff in New York," Cuomo has said. "It's not going to happen."

But Cuomo's Democratic primary opponent Cynthia Nixon begs to differ. She's blasted the structure of state government that is largely led by men deciding policies that impact women. 

"We should still not be fighting for a seat at the table and we should still not be fighting for a government free of sexual harassment," Nixon said.

This year, lawmakers approved a new sexual harassment policy that advocates say is deeply flawed. At the same time, the policy had to be first signed off on by Cuomo and legislative leaders -- all men.

"We had four men in a room writing a new sexual harassment policy without a single female elected leader even in the room," Nixon said.

And Nixon has sought to highlight Cuomo's more awkward moments with women, like a joke he made at the start of his event to women in Brooklyn. 

"Well, what a pleasure to be here. One of the few men in a room full of women," Cuomo said. "It could be worse, could be worse. It usually is worse."

Polls have shown Cuomo is handily leading Nixon among Democratic women. Cuomo this year is once again running on the Women's Equality Party, a ballot line he first formed in 2014.