Congressman Tom Reed is pushing back against the use of heroin injection sites.

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick is calling for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to approve a pilot program in the city that would allow the sites, which would help users avoid an overdose.

Supporters believe it will help drop the rate of overdose deaths, but Reed said he worries the sites could lead to more crime, with people trying to find ways to get money for heroin. Reed is pushing for a different approach.

"To get into a treatment facility. Make sure that our treatment resources are there so that people have access to a bed. That people have access to a provider to get them through that addiction crisis that they face. and get people into a dug free situation. That to me is where people want to be. That's where families want to be," Reed said.



Myrick has made his case before for what supporters call safe injection sites.

A New York State Assembly bill has been submitted to allow cities to create their own heroin injection sites.