It's not nearly as salacious as President Donald Trump's sex life. But a quick search online offers details about gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon's past, which, admittedly, seem PG by comparison.

On an episode of "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen, an announcer says, "Cynthia Nixon lost her virginity on the 100th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge."

Yes, the day was May 24, 1983, and Nixon was 17 years old.

"There were fireworks," she said.

But not everything on the internet about Nixon seems so quaint. Graphic sex scenes from "Sex and the City" are available on pornography sites. 

She also has fun defining women by their "Sex and the City" alter egos. In one interview, she identified Ruth Bader Ginsberg as a Miranda.

Nixon opens up about the moment she first learned she had breast cancer on Oprah. When Oprah asked, "Did you cry first?" Nixon said, "I did not cry."

She also dished to Oprah about dating a woman for the first time, Christine Marinoni, who is now her wife.

"I was pretty shocked, I have to tell you," she said.

The actress-turned-politician took the public along as she hunted for information about her ancestors, discovering her great-great-great grandmother was imprisoned for manslaughter. She had a baby behind bars and was pardoned by a group of prominent political figures.

"Sometimes politics works for you," Nixon said.

Indeed, it was Nixon's search for her family roots that perhaps most foreshadowed her future political run.

"My biggest takeaway from this journey is that people can defy the odds, even when the odds seem insurmountable," she said.

That's a message Nixon seems to have taken to heart, especially as she embarks on a political campaign that is going to be a very tough fight.