Senate Republicans on Thursday called for an additional $5 million in flood relief funds for communities around Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

The money would be drawn from the state and municipalities' funding to boost the previous aid for homeowners whose properties were damaged by flooding last year.

"Our Senate Republican majority is committed to each and every one of the residents whose homes were devastated as a result of the flooding that occurred in and around Lake Ontario," said Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan. "These funds are important and necessary, and are only one part of what the state must do to fulfill all of its obligation to those who were affected."

The push for the money comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo late last year suggested more money for flood-damaged communities could be included in a potential special session of the legislature. That session never materialized.

"After the severe flood damage of last year, a commitment was made by the governor and New York State government to assist the homeowners impacted," said Sen. Joe Robach. "These funds will provide that assistance to more south shore riparians waiting for the promised relief. The cornerstone of good government is living up to your word."