Has the holiday requirement of gift giving become arduous?

Is it time to get back to the meaning of the holiday and joy of the season?

Parent Portal went in search of ideas to manage the task of presents and regain focus.

Liz Bremer from "Put It Simply Organizing" has some great points. Her family practices the minimalist Christmas. This is where everyone in the family receives four gifts: something to do, something to wear, something to read, something to share. The sharing is usually a family outing, event, or trip that you can all do together.

We know that your immediate family is never the only people on your list. There are friends and extended family that you might feel obligated to buy for. Try not to put that pressure on yourself. Be practical. Do they really need or want anything that you could buy them? All of them?

The list could go on and on if you let it. So stop and play a game instead. What I mean is the potential remedy for buying for everyone you know is to instead have a white elephant or Yankee swap. In this game everyone brings one gift that costs from $5.00 to $20.00 that is wrapped. Then you try to trade up by picking people to exchange with, and this can go on and on. It can be absolutely hilarious. You could also donate to their favorite charity in their name for them as another option.

Just try to set realistic expectations of yourself and your budget. We hear that one pro gift giver makes a list and checks it twice. Try that too and see if you can lessen the burden on yourself. Happy Holidays! 

You can find the rules here for the white elephant game: https://www.whiteelephantrules.com

For more ideas from Liz Bremer you can find them here: https://www.putitsimplyorganizing.com

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