The alarm goes off.

Literally and figuratively.

It is the morning of another school day and the kids lunches are not packed, because you were all up late with homework and activities. How can this early morning dread over school lunches stop?

Parent Portal reached out to an expert organizer to find out! Liz Bremer, owner and organizer of Put It Simply Organizing in Upstate NY, says make it a habit that lunches are decided and packed the night before. She also says making a menu of what choices you always have on hand for the kids to choose from streamlines the process, time, and DREAD!

You and your kids are the experts. You know what they like to eat. So together compile a menu so the year is not stagnant with the same meals, but it IS easy to assemble…the night before!

After you get this process down and it is a habit, then your kids will be able to make their lunches themselves and you can have more time to watch Parent Portal.