Are you looking for a simple way to keep the mountain of school papers that come home daily organized? I was too! I reached out to a professional organizer to help me sort through the clutter of all the schedules, flyers, homework and one of a kind pieces of art.

Obviously if my household has not mastered this yet, we needed a professional. I found Liz Bremer from "Put It Simply Organizing" to meet with me and all our school papers to set things straight. Liz not only has a system, but she has a system to remember the system. That's what a pro does.



Liz says getting all those school papers in order is as simple as remembering her "Four P's": Post It, Pitch It, Place It, Post It Away

Post it: Post things in a central area in your home that you will need to see through out the school year. Things like class schedules, specials schedules, school lunch menu and the bus information.

Pitch It: Things like daily work and flyers for events that you won't be involved with, throw it way the day it comes home.

Place It: Make a homework cubby or small tote for your kids for work and projects that need to be completed throughout the week. Also keep some markers, pencils, crayons, scissors and glue in that small homework tote to complete the tasks are together. The big take away I got from Liz is the letter tray. She has clients use a letter tray for each child. This is where other papers, work  study sheets or things that can't be thrown away just yet can go into their letter tray. Neatly organized, but still very accessible.  

Pack It Away:  Sentimental items, art work, writing samples. Keep these things to a minimum, then keep all of them by year and by child in individual Ziploc Big Bags. Those bags will be stored in a long flat tote and put away. 

Bremer says the keys are also go through things that come home right away and do not keep everything. Sort out your child's letter tray everyday too.

For items in the "Pack It Away" category another organizer suggests taking a picture of each item and make a chat book or photo book for each child for each year. Then the books with the art and things of sentiment can be on a shelf and reflected on easily and hopefully more often.

For more tips or tricks check out locally owned