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Between anchoring Your Evening on Spectrum News 1 and hosting Music Diaries, a show that explores how artists and communities reflect and amplify each other, Amrit Singh tells universal stories from an unusual perspective. But then, his own story has been unusual: an attorney and a lifelong musician, editing Wisconsin’s International Law Journal and working at a white-shoe law firm before Sean “Diddy” Combs tapped him to be the founding news anchor, Chief Political Correspondent, and music and culture editor of Combs’s television network REVOLT TV. Of course, the shift to TV didn’t happen overnight: Amrit first transitioned from being a lawyer to a journalist by spending nearly a decade writing and editing thousands of daily articles, interviews, reviews, and new artist profiles at the influential music website Stereogum. 

Law, identity, politics, and the ways culture fuses and informs them has also been the through line of Amrit’s career on TV. He’s hosted a live 90-minute town hall special with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, reported live from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in 2016, interviewed myriad thought leaders and artists, and has now spent seven years hosting daily live television shows in studio and around the country, all while writing and producing numerous documentaries about everything from criminal justice to immigrant culture and music genres, including his NPR and BBC-acclaimed short film DOSA HUNT

Amrit was born in NYC, graduating magna cum laude from Boston University and earning his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, but it is Los Angeles that has given him what he treasures most in life: He and his wife met in Silver Lake, their daughter was born in downtown L.A., and he’s honored to spend every day sharing the stories of our SoCal community here at Spectrum News 1.