Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi on Wednesday will release a TV ad backing a 10% cut in state income taxes in New York as well as efforts to reduce utility bills and gas taxes while also addressing crime. 

"You want to do something about sky-high taxes?" Suozzi says in the ad. "You cut state income taxes by 10% so people can afford to live here."

The proposal, packaged with calls for addressing the state's 2019 law ending cash bail for many criminal charges, comes as state lawmakers are set to put the finishing touches on a state budget plan with a deal likely announced later on Wednesday. 

Lawmakers are set to include provisions meant to expand circumstances in which bail would be considered, such as for gun trafficking as well as alleged repeat offenses. 

At the same time, New York's coffers have seen an influx of cash from federal pandemic aid as well as from an increase in the personal income tax on wealthy New Yorkers. The state relies on a relatively small number of very rich peple for much of its tax revenue from the personal income tax, a main source of money for the state. 

New York is generally considered one of the higher tax states along with California. 

The additional revenue has enabled New York officials to boost spending for schools as well as consider more support for child care programs and an expansion of health care coverage.

Making a pitch to New Yorkers concerned with taxes is familiar territory for Suozzi. When he last ran for governor in 2006, he pushed for efforts to combat property taxes in New York prior to a cap on local year-over-year increases was approved. 

Suozzi's ad also calls for a more aggressive approach on the bail law by empowering judges to "to keep violent offenders" off the streets. 

Suozzi is challenging Gov. Kathy Hochul in the Democratic primary this June along with New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.