Ten lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly were given 100% ratings by the Conservative Party's annual scorecard assessing the Legislature's work over the last year. 

The scorecard, released Wednesday, also reflects how Democratic control in the Legislature, especially in the state Senate, has unsurprisingly led to more left-leaning outcomes the party opposes. 

The lawmakers scoring the perfect ratings were Sens. Pat Gallivan, Pam Helming, Daphne Jordan, Tom O'Mara, Minority Leader Robert Ortt and Jim Tedisco. In the Assembly, Republicans Joe Angelino, David DiPietro, John Lemondes and Brian Manktelow received 100% scores. 

The ratings reflect legislation that ranged from the impact on the economy to health, safety and abortion. The full ratings can be found here.

“We believe that it is necessary to keep the public informed of key votes and let the taxpayers be aware of how elected officials spend our hard-earned money. Every bill is considered, and then we narrow the number to give voters a fair assessment of what transpires in Albany,” said Gerard Kassar, the party's chairman. “A review of the bills used this year will show New Yorkers how out of touch the Democratic leaders of the legislature are with the average citizen; many are costly, sometimes unwarranted, and a few will show how they try to help New Yorkers.”

The Conservative Party can be a powerful ballot line for Republicans in New York, an otherwise heavily Democratic state. And in keeping with Democratic power in Albany, the rankings have increasingly reflected the lack of GOP control. 

The state Senate's ratings by the party have dropped since 2018 after Republicans were voted out of power. In 2019, the average ranking was 40%. In 2020, the average fell to 35%, and now this year stood at 36%. 

The state Assembly's average rating remains at 36% this year, unchanged since last year.