Encouraging the purchase and installation of electric appliances and equipment in single and multi-family homes would help improve energy efficiency and combat climate change is the main goal of a measure introduced by Rep. Paul Tonko. 

The bill would use rebates aimed at low and middle-income households to reduce residential emissions. 

“Decarbonizing our homes is one of the key challenges we will face in confronting the climate crisis,” said Tonko, a Capital Region Democrat. “But building electrification also offers untapped opportunities to improve energy efficiency, spur innovation and provide homeowners with cleaner alternatives. I’m proud to join Congresswoman Castor in the House to push forward the Zero-Emission Homes Act that will help our nation address the growing threat of climate change."

The measure's goal includes making electrification of appliances more affordable for American homeowners in order to meet climate change fighting goals. It would also define projects and products associated with household electrification as qualified projects and establish a zero-emissions program for households to use rebates and purchase products. 

The goal is to encourage the purchase of more energy-efficient products than those that use fossil fuels. At the same time, the bill's sponsors hope the measure can reduce energy bills and create jobs in the process.