Good-government organizations on Tuesday called on the main ethics and lobbying regulator to publish financial disclosure statements of senior agency officials online in order to boost transparency in New York's government.

At the same time, the groups urged the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, known as JCOPE, to follow standards of the state's Freedom of Information Law to access records from the agency. The groups, led by Reinvent Albany, also called for the clarification for a public hearing on ethics enforcement, and not have any oversight meeting conducted in private. 

The hope is having JCOPE release the records of senior agency officials treated similarly to how the financial disclosure of state lawmakers and statewide elected officials are already treated, with proactive publishing on the agency's website. 

"Given recent ethics scandals in Albany, ethics reform is of great public interest and should be discussed and examined in a public hearing at which stakeholders can provide their views and the public can hear directly from JCOPE," the groups wrote in the letter. ​

The letter comes as state lawmakers are set to hold a hearing next month on ethics oversight in New York.