The apparent agreement on a federal infrastructure plan was cheered on Friday afternoon by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a statement released with Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson. 

Both men, who lead the National Governors Association, said they were "encouraged" by the framework deal, which could deliver billions of dollars in projects to states eager to bolster bridges, roads and tunnels. 

"From the Erie Canal to the transcontinental railroad to the Interstate Highway System, big, transformative projects have driven economic growth and innovation. For the past four decades, however, the overall condition of U.S. infrastructure has continued to deteriorate," they said. 

Cuomo himself has focused heavily on infrastructure improvements during his time in office, pushing for the construction of a replacement for the Tappan Zee Bridge, the construction of a new tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey and improvements to airports across the state. Many of the projects have required federal assistance to get off the ground, and Cuomo has renewed calls for major projects to shore up structures vulnerable to climate change as the pandemic subsides. 

In their statement, Cuomo and Hutchinson said states should retain the ability to direct how the money is spent. 

"As Congress prepares to write the major infrastructure investment package based on this framework, governors will work in a bipartisan manner to ensure state and territory needs are addressed, such as investing to modernize and make more resilient our transportation system; support innovation to make our energy system more efficient; and address the significant backlog in critical water infrastructure projects," they said. "To do this properly, Congress must ensure states are responsible for directing how state-level investments are made."