The politically influential health care union on Tuesday is set to unveil a TV ad calling for the passage of a bill meant to bolster staffing levels at nursing homes in New York.

The ad from 1199 SEIU comes as lawmakers in the coming days are expected to consider what has been a long-sought proposal to create minimum patient-to-nursing staffing levels at the facilities. But the COVID-19 pandemic has given the measure a new level of urgency in Albany.

The 30-second spot urges lawmakers that "it's time to finish the job" and approve the measure setting the minimum staffing levels. But the ad also comes amid changes to the original proposal by lawmakers.

The initial bill, first proposed decades ago, included hospitals in a minimum staffing ratio.

The legislation has now been split in two, with one bill set aside for staffing levels in hospitals, another for nursing homes. The nursing home measure also calls for staff to spend a minimum amount of time with patients.

While labor unions have cheered the move, there has been a concern raised over the costs being piled onto nursing homes that in many areas are already struggling amid the pandemic. Nursing homes are also expected to face new requirements the facilities to dedicate a majority of their revenue back to direct care, a provision included in the state budget.