A world in which COVID-19 vaccine supplies aren't at issue, New York could vaccinate residents in a month to stamp out the pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday in an MSNBC interview. 

"This is purely a supply issue," Cuomo said. 

States are set to receive a 16% increase in vaccine doses over the next three weeks, a development that officials hope will help break a supply bottleneck. 

New York has already set up 3,000 vaccination sites around the state, including at SUNY campuses. Scheduling an appointment has been frustrating for some New Yorkers, however, and there have been calls to streamline the process. 

Still, Cuomo was confident that as the vaccine becomes more available and a spike in holiday cases subsides, the state will be able to reopen parts of the economy that had closed. 

"We’re through the holiday surge, so you’re going to see more economic activity open up," he said. "You’ll see reopening in New York City over these coming weeks."