Dozens of members of the state Assembly on Tuesday signed onto a statement condemning a candidate survey from the New York City DSA that asked if candidates would refrain from travel to Israel if elected. 

"This blatantly antisemitic litmus test is abhorrent. Singling out the only Jewish state – a strong democracy in the region, where women's rights, freedom of speech, and religious freedom are protected -- is detestable," the Assembly members said in a statement. 

"New York is home to the world’s second largest Jewish community. Jewish culture and tradition are ingrained in the very fabric of the City’s diversity. The DSA’s position cannot be rationalized. It is offensive, antisemitic, and dangerous, particularly at a time when antisemitism is on the rise in the United States and in the New York area."

The questionnaire, sent to candidates for the New York City Council, led to an uproar among members of both parties. State Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs called it "ridiculous" for municipal candidates to weigh in on foreign policy issues. 

The DSA chapter has since clarified, saying the question was more narrowly meant to describe official travel to Israel officeholders, a common occurence for elected officials in New York and around the country.