Co-pays, deductibles and any other out-of-pocket costs for mental health services for frontline pandemic workers will be waived by state insurance regulators.

The move announced over the weekend by the Department of Financial Services comes more than 50 days into the pandemic hitting New York, with hospital and health care workers taking the brunt of the spread of the disease not just on their physical health, but taxing them emotionally and mentally.

“Frontline essential workers continue to do their jobs for the greater good of the people,” said Financial Services Superintendent Linda Lacewell. “These brave individuals are the backbone of New York during this crisis and today’s DFS regulatory action removes a financial barrier to the care they need.”

The emergency regulation applies to health insurers regulated by New York for in-network mental health services.

Insurance regulators previously issued rules changes that would bar insurance companies from requiring cost-sharing for telehealth and in-person mental health services from in-network providers.