The state Board of Elections on Monday moved to cancel New York's Democratic presidential primary, an unprecedented move in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The development received the tacit endorsement of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who at his daily briefing said he wasn't going to "second guess" the decisions made by the board. 

Elections officials moved to cancel the June 23 vote in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, though several local elections and special elections for state Senate, Assembly and Congress will still be held. 

The primary was virtually uncontested given the end of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign and his endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden. 

But the Sanders camp had hoped to continue standing for the remaining state primaries in order to build up a delegate count and have some leverage heading into the Democratic convention this summer. 

Cuomo is yet to formally endorse Biden, though he has said the former vice president is best positioned to defeat President Donald Trump. 

Cuomo earlier this month issued an executive order that ends the excuse for people to apply for an absentee ballot and will also sign an order sending all eligible voters an application for an absentee ballot.