Four state lawmakers in a joint statement called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to back a measure that would extend the look-back period under the Child Victims Act. 

The measure makes it easier for the survivors and victims of sexual abuse to file lawsuits, even if the abuse allegedly took place decades ago. The look-back window under the law, approved in February 2019, will lapse in August if not extended. 

Advocates have sought for the last several weeks to call broader attention to the legislation while also arguing the measure needs to be extended so more people are aware of it. 

"We urge the governor to listen to survivors of sexual abuse and support legislative efforts to extend the lookback window of the Child Victims Act," the lawmakers wrote in a statement. "In the six months since the window first opened over 1,600 cases have been filed statewide: that does not mean our job is done, it means we have more work to do. We know firsthand that it can take survivors years to even open-up about our abuse, let alone declare it in a court of law. After 13 years of stonewalling survivors, the least we can do as the supposedly most progressive state in the nation is give them a little more time to find justice on their own terms."

Signing on to the statement included Democrats Alessandra Biaggi of the state Senate, and Assemblywomen Rodneyse Bichotte, Catalina Cruz and Yuh-Line Niou. 

The bill under consideration would extend the window for another year. Cuomo last month said it was too soon to consider an extension.