The meeting began like a lion and ended like a lamb. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Donald Trump met for an hour at the White House on Thursday to discuss the federal government freezing New York's residents out of registering for trusted traveler programs. 

It was preceded by bellicose language and accusations from Cuomo the Trump administration was potentially acting as an "arsonist" -- and a presidential tweet mocking the governor's brother as "Fredo."

It ended with vows to continue talking. 

At issue is the federal government's access -- namely immigration officials -- receiving access to New York's DMV records, which are restricted under a new law that allows undocumented immigrants to apply for drive's licenses. 

"Governor Cuomo met with President Trump today to discuss the situation and the dire need to rectify it," said Cuomo spokeswoman Dani Lever. "Governor Cuomo restated the initial solution that he proposed to the DHS Acting Secretary last Thursday on our willingness to allow federal officials access to DMV records only for individuals applying to the Trusted Traveler Program."




It's a somewhat "meh" conclusion to what had been something of a drama surrounding the meeting.

Cuomo had sought a meeting with Trump over the weekend; the president accused him of canceling. Cuomo later said Trump was referring to a reception for the nation's governors at the White House he had never planned to attend. 

New York Attorney General Letitia James had filed suit over the issue on Monday.

By Wednesday, Cuomo had offered a compromise: Access would be available on a case-by-case basis to DMV records of those applying for a trusted traveler program. It was a move Cuomo acknowledged was meant to call the administration's bluff. 

The freeze over programs that allow travelers to gain easier access across borders and ports of entry will continue at least for the short term. 

"As the Governor previously said, we believe DHS's action was politically motivated and unwarranted as the FBI already has information regarding criminal records and TTP applicants already go through an extensive federal background check," Lever said. "The President said that this is an issue he wants to work on and that he would follow up with the Governor next week."