President Donald Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo will meet Thursday to discuss the federal government's freeze of New York residents under trusted traveler programs.

Cuomo announced the meeting in a Long Island News Radio interview on Wednesday morning, a week after the Department of Homeland Security announced the freeze affecting programs that allow people to pass with greater ease across borders and ports of entry.

Federal officials have cited the state's new law that allows undocumented immigrants too apply for driver's licenses and a provision that bars the Department of Motor Vehicles from sharing information with federal immigration enforcement officials.

Cuomo in the interview said the decision to bar the state's residents from applying or re-registering in the programs was a political move.

"The president is in a political race, everything he does is political, in my opinion," Cuomo said.

Cuomo also signaled he is willing to provide DMV records to the federal government for individual trusted traveler applicants only.

A leaked memo reported by BuzzFeed on Tuesday showed federal Homeland Security officials sought leverage over states that allow undocumented immigrants receive driver's licenses, with a freeze on trusted traveler programs a possibility.
New York officials, including Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia James, filed a lawsuit on Monday challenging the freeze.

Cuomo had previously sought a meeting with the president last weekend, and Trump posted to Twitter the governor had canceled one. Cuomo later said Trump was referring to a reception for the National Governors Association, which he did not plan to attend.