Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a radio interview Wednesday, slammed Democrats in Iowa for the caucus debacle, saying it plays to the worst possible stereotype for the party. 

"I think it was very bad for the Democrats," Cuomo said in an interview with WAMC, adding, "It was playing to that negative stereotype. It was very bad." 

Cuomo, a three-term governor who has spoken favorably of former Vice President Joe Biden's candidacy, said the mishap with the caucus in Iowa "plays to our fundamental weakness."

"I believe the Achilles' heel for the Democrats is incomeptence," he said. "Our vision is right. It was right when JFK spoke about, it was right when LBJ spoke about it, it was right when Mario Cuomo spoke about it. Our Achilles' heel is when people say you Democrats can't do what you're suggesting you can do."

The full results of the caucuses are still not fully known, and the first official numbers were not released until a day later after a delay and "quality control" issues over the use of an app that was meant to count support.

Cuomo questioned the first-in-the-nation status for Iowa, a largely white and rural state.

"Why do you still have Iowa as the first state for the caucuses?" Cuomo said. "Iowa is not representative."