Cancer is a difficult battle for anyone, but 6-year-old Jack Gannon is not letting the fight define him as he dances his way through treatment.  

“Jack, when he was about 4, started a hip-hop class,” said Jack’s mom, Lauren. “He loves Michael Jackson, Olivia Rodrigo. He loves Taylor Swift, and he’s always just bopping around at home.”  

But last February, the then 5-year-old was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Since then, Jack has endured surgery, chemotherapy and long hospital stays.  

“It’s been quite a year,” his mom said. “He’s been in and out of the hospital. He’s tired and overall, hasn’t felt great.”  

The treatment plan has been coined "Jack Attack," which hasn’t kept him away from doing what he loves most.


“Throughout our building, we have multiple stations where we have different genres of music and styles of dance,” explained Loudonville Elementary Principal Scott Thompson.  

Jack’s brother, Jude, and dozens of classmates were Groovin’ with The Gannons Friday, a dance-a-thon to help support Jack as he approaches the halfway mark of a 26-month treatment plan.  

“Dancing is something that is going to release those emotions,” said Jocelyn of Dancers Against Cancer. “Whether its mental, physical, emotional pain, dance helps you express that.”  

DAC is a nonprofit organization that helps dancers battling cancer, young and old, keep up with their dance lessons while undergoing treatment.

The Gannons recently received a $10,000 donation from the organization.  

“Anything that makes him happy and makes him smile,” Lauren said. “We just want to support him 100 percent.”