What is the most radical health trend you have seen on the internet?

Long before social media, we had "old wives' tales" for medical tricks and quick fixes. Some work and some don't.

Medical professionals say it is normal to want that quick answer and immediate gratification that the internet provides, and the ability to find what is more tailored to your values. But they recommend you beware before you follow a trend.

“There’s so much risk that goes along with that. A big starting point that goes along with that is the internet doesn’t know my medical history. It doesn’t know any [contradictions]," says Dr. Moniques Winnett of St. Joseph's Health. "The different diets or trends I might try, it's not backed by medical professional that really knows my background on how this might impact me as a person. Also, when we don’t always know the science or efficacy behind what some people are saying, it can make us jump into doing something that we think is being helpful or healthy for us that really actually could be detrimental.”

Dr. Winnett adds it can make medical professionals’ jobs harder to fight bad information that patients are possibly exposed to more than they are exposed to their short doctor's appointments. She adds to always consult your doctor and be discerning because you don’t know all the sources of information on social media.