A Western New York oral surgeon is showing off the latest technology he can now use on patients in need of dental implants.

“It’s actually really liberating because the additional information that you have is priceless,” said Dr. Sanil B. Nigalye, DDS, of Niagara Dental Implant and Oral Surgery.

Nigalye said the Yomi Dental Robot ensures precision with its site-mapping technology that moves with the patient.

“The level of confidence has gone up,” said Nigalye. The robotic arm attaches painlessly to the patient and keeps a steady target on where the drill needs to go during surgery. Previously, this job would have been done by the surgeon himself. It eliminates any guesswork if a patient were to shift during the procedure.

It does not replace any jobs and requires another person in the room to work it while the surgeon performs. At a price tag of $250,000, Nigalye said it is worth every penny to be sure a surgery is done as precisely as possible.