There’s just one month left in this year’s tax season, so if you haven’t filed yet, you might want to start thinking about it soon.

Federal and state tax returns must be filed by Tuesday, April 18 this year.

At this point, experts recommend filing digitally in order to get the fastest refund possible.

And if you’re having someone do them for you, state officials say there are ways you can keep you and your information safe.

"Some of the best ways to protect yourself from a bad tax preparer is to verify their qualifications, are they registered with the NYS Tax Department and the IRS. You should also request a quote of fees and be sure to review your completed return before its filed and ask questions if something doesn’t seem accurate,” Sara Carlson, Office of Professional Responsibility, NYS Tax Department, said. “And lastly make sure your preparer signs and electronically files your tax return."

If you plan to file on your own, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has information on its website,, where qualifying New Yorkers can file for free.

You can also visit the IRS website to file your federal tax returns for free.