Syracuse University is now in its second year of partnering with Green Flower, a leader in cannabis training programs that partners with universities across the country.

Syracuse University offers four programs to students for its online cannabis education program; business of cannabis, cannabis healthcare and management, cannabis agriculture and horticulture and its newest program compliance and risk management. 

“We’ve always had this focusing on connecting with schools because that’s where the trust and education really lies and cannabis really needs this trust to develop this new generation of trained workers,” said Max Simon, CEO and co-founder of Green Flower.

Each program offers three eight-week long courses. Although they are non-credit courses, students receive a certificate and access to the Green Flower Employer network.

“There’s quite a bit to learn in this space that’s much more unique and intricate than most people realize,” Simon said. “But that’s also why these programs through Syracuse have done so well is because it’s a credible training program to participate in this industry.” 

Darron Ashely-Kurtz is a student at the University of New Mexico who is enrolled in SU’s cannabis agriculture and cannabis business programs.

“Right now they’re having me grow cannabis plants for my agriculture class,” Ashely-Kurtz said. “So I am growing Purple Kush right now, which I have about four feet tall. So I am just learning to get into growing and take on that hands on motion that this class offers.” 

Not only does he want to learn how to grow the plant, but the business aspect as he wants to take over his mother’s shop when he becomes of legal age.

“I plan on taking over the whole company so it’s kind of like a 21 birthday gift kind of,” Ashely-Kurtz said. “I’m still working underneath her. I’m just getting the basics of beginning a business and becoming an entrepreneur.” 

Ashley-Kurtz says this is the most fun he has had in school and he is enjoying all the program has to offer.