Elections are right around the corner. Two primary winners are vying for the newly redrawn 22nd congressional district.

"Voters are paying attention to integrity. As much as they are the message," said Republican candidate Brandon Williams.

After the primaries, the two front runners for NY-22 are two men who don't consider themselves "politicians."

"A lot of family and friends and neighbors, almost in despair, literally didn't have anybody didn't know who to call," Williams added. "I just started making inquiries and showing up announcing my candidacy."

"I've never served in elected office. So really, I am coming into this as an outsider, not a politician," said Democrat candidate Frances Conole.

Ads from the opposition paint these two is wild left and right extremists. But the ads, the debates, give you a baseline as to who these candidates are and how they would run the district if elected. The best way to have gotten to know them is if they've come and knocked on your door.

"What we're fighting against, right is this divisive, extremist agenda, which criminalizes women's health care that attacks our democracy and the right to vote, and will weaken social security medicare," said Conole.

They also have rebuttals to claims that are being made about their policies.

"I do allow for exceptions of incest, rape and life of the mother," remarked Williams. "You know, as a husband of 30 years and father of two children, those issues are important."

Many say it's democracy on the ballot, but Williams and Canole are promoting a more central campaign than ads may dictate.

"If you remember, the classical conservatism of Ronald Reagan, which is less government, less taxes, some fiscal responsibility and restraint which we don't seem to have these days," said Williams. "We need to tackle these questions these these critical issues head on."

"We've got a long history here in central New York have leaders who represented in a really bipartisan way," said Conole. "Leaders that will did not just do what their party said I'm not going to Washington to do what Joe Biden says I'm going to Washington represent people here of Central New York."

Everything comes down to November 8.

"We're going to run completely as hard as we can every single day through the tape," said Williams.

"If we're going to move this country forward, if we're going to continue to be the beacon on the hill and that indispensable nation confront the challenges of our time," added Conole. "We're going to have to do it together."