Syracuse's Tipp Hill neighborhood is at the center of the city's goal to reimagine the west side, and a leaders on Wednesday showed off the conversion of an old Boys and Girls Club into the Tipperary Hill Community Center organizers said will be a safe place for children to learn, play and grow.

Owners Nicole and Travis Doty said they want to create a space of opportunities and resources.

“We’d like to see some music, arts and theater options. A computer lab with updated technology for students to be able to come here for tutoring or homework help. Lounge area with foosball and pool tables and board games and of course video games for the kids,” said Nicole Doty

In a city with one of the highest chid poverty rates in the country, a community center like this can go a long way.

“We have the beautiful snack bar area that we would love to partner with CNY Food Bank and be able to have a food bank here. And offer hot meals to people in need when it’s available,” Nicole Doty said.

It won’t end within these for walls. Doty said they also have a community bus to take kids to different events like sports games and college visits. From there, the couple is planning to expand.

“One of the things we’re finding out is the demand that we have for indoor activity space. The demand is larger than what we can offer right now,” said Travis Doty.

To help with the demand, they acquired the 210 Hamilton St. property next to the community center, and with he purchase of the old Rosie O’Grady’s restaurant across the street, they are re-inventing what a community center can be.

“Eventually we’d love to have a little sports bar or a pizza pub, something that you know is daytime hours. Parents are here between games and they want to grab some food with their kiddo, they can go over there and have a nice, comfortable atmosphere," Nicole Doty said.