It's a big day for residents living along the Canadian border and New Yorkers in general as Canada has officially removed all remaining COVID-19 entry restrictions.

This includes testing, quarantine and isolation requirements.

Fully vaccinated international travelers have been allowed to enter Canada since September of last year and, while unvaccinated citizens and permanent residents have been permitted to enter the country, a 14-day self-quarantine was mandatory.

The country will also no longer randomly test travelers at airports.

"It's seems like this is a great time,” Rosanna Berardi, Berardi Immigration Law, said. “I think that people on both sides of the border are super happy. Especially in the border cities in Canada Where they really have taken a big economic hit because of the lack of Americans traveling there due to these tight restrictions."

Restrictions are still in place for travelers entering the U.S. and there hasn't been any sign of them ending. This is despite outcry from citizens and local lawmakers calling for the United States to follow Canada's lead.