Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon on Thursday presented a $1.4 billion budget plan for 2023 that would cut taxes by 11%, one of the largest tax cuts in the county's history.

“We thought it was meaningful and that gave us the ability to give meaningful relief back to people, and also accomplish the priorities we have with the need in the community,” McMahon said.

Some priorities McMahon touched on were providing funding for mental health services in schools, tackling lead hazards and investing in the youth with $2 million in capital funds to partner with NFL player Latavius Murray to build the John Diaz Community Center in Nedrow.

“Latavius came and he reached out to us. He really wanted to be a leader. Here’s a guy who had a lot of success in life, grew up in similar neighborhood conditions that many of our kids in the city of Syracuse grow up in, but they happen to be in a suburban town. So, the lack of investment and resources. A suburban town doesn’t have the same resources that the city of Syracuse has,” McMahon said.

He said the partnership is still growing, but the county is happy to be a part of it.

County Legislature Minority Leader Christopher Ryan said he supports the youth initiatives.

“Certainly, something that we’re going to be very excited to see how much money and where the funding source is, because obviously lead and children, social services, all those have been top priorities for the Democrats,” Ryan said.

Ryan said he was also pleased to hear a significant tax cut in the proposed budget.

“I was not expecting an 11 percent tax cut, but at the same time, with a lot in the fund balance we have, I’ve been outspoken to say some of this should be returned back to the taxpayers, without question, so that’s good news,” Ryan said.

A public hearing for the proposed budget will be held at the beginning of next month before legislators vote on a budget.