You may have noticed the days of “dairy princesses” at the State Fair are now gone. As part of a change by the American Dairy Association North East earlier this year, its youth development program is now the Dairy Ambassador Program. Ambassadors can be both young women or men who promote the dairy industry to consumers.

In today’s “Faces of the Fair," Brad Vivacqua introduces us to a Dairy Ambassador from Onondaga County.

Isabella Esposito, 16, has been spending time in the Dairy Cattle Barn talking to fairgoers about cows and the dairy industry. The soon to be junior at Fabius-Pompey is Onondaga County’s Dairy Ambassador.

“It’s important to stop in this barn while you’re at the fair because you can really see how the farmers and the people showing their cows treat their cows with the best care possible,” said Esposito.

The Dairy Association replaced princesses with ambassadors to get more girls and boys involved with the dairy industry. It’s an industry Isabella is strongly promoting as an ambassador at the fair.

We followed her as she visited farmers and encouraged guests to visit the dairy buildings.

“It’s awesome to educate them on where their food comes from and the importance of dairy in their diets,” Esposito said.

If you’re looking to add dairy to your diet, go no further than the Dairy Products Building. Isabella took some time to find out what visitors were trying out. She also showed us some of her personal favorites.

“I really like the mac and cheese from over here. I’m a cheese person for sure. Cheese and ice cream are my favorite booths at the fair,” she said.

A couple of good options for us all to try. Whether or not you happen to see Isabella at the fair, she has some advice for you.

“I’d just like to remind everyone to keep dairy in their diets and remember that farmers take care of their land and their animals very well every single day of the year,” she said.

Good advice from someone with a bright future ahead.

Isabella said although she’s undecided right now she’s planning to go to college for agri-business or animal science while she stays involved with the dairy industry. Dairy officials said it’s likely more boys will join girls to become ambassadors in the coming years.