When you come to the fair you expect to spend some money, but how about making money? There’s a spot at the fairgrounds where you can switch up your career in the Science and Industry Building. They have a Skilled Trades and Manufacturing exhibit. It’s hard to miss as you can see a giant snowblower right inside the door. They have displays to give a feel for what a new job in a trade could look like for you. Your new job could be as a carpenter, electrician, or maybe iron worker.

“The jobs are here today, and it's hands on, and you can build things that we all use day to day and experience day to day so I think it's a great opportunity,” said John Trimble, president and CEO of C&S Companies.

The exhibit is put on by C&S Companies. Their CEO said they’re seeing a shortage of workers, as a generation of employees are retiring out. According to the state Department of Labor the median hourly wages of maintenance and repair workers in Central New York is around $22 an hour. They even encourage high school graduates to consider these jobs as they often don’t require a college degree.

“You look at how many people come here, it’s a great venue for the companies that are going to exhibit here to show what they do. And then also get job applicants, we’ve got people that are ready to hire today,” said Trimble.

This exhibit is open throughout the fair in the Science and Industry Building, and there will be different employers throughout the run of the fair.

Even if you don’t know anything about painting, or putting up drywall, you can get trained. The Department of Labor website lists apprenticeship opportunities which you can sort by region. Apprenticeships are generally at no cost to the person being trained.