A local non-profit group known as the 100 Black Men of Syracuse is seeking more community involvement to help both kids and teens develop positive lives. The 100 Black Men of Syracuse was formed off the principles of the 100 Black Men of America group, which first formed in the 1960's.

The local group is made up of about 30 members right now who have a goal of empowering our youth through mentoring. The group works with kids on topics like economic empowerment, health, education and leadership.

Volunteers work with youth ranging from about 10 to 18 years old in group settings in and out of school. They conduct programs like Junior Cadet Program, which was launched in February.

The program allows kids to meet everyone from police officers and firefighters to EMT's in school. Organizers of the 100 Black Men are encouraging parents to get their kids involved.

"The 100 Black Men, we have many opportunities and programs that are coming up. We'd love to get your kids involved. The cost to you guys is nothing. We don't charge a kid for any programs that we do. All we ask is that they be willing to be a part of what we're doing for them and also for the community," said 100 Black Men of Syracuse Vice President Tony Clark.

Volunteers are always encouraged to learn more about the 100 Black Men of Syracuse and apply for membership. They have their meetings at the Southside Innovation Center about once a month. The group is always brainstorming to come up with ways to better involve kids in fun and educational programming.