Gas prices in New York are four cents higher than last month and more than $1 higher than last year, according to AAA.

Due, in part, to taxes in the state, prices are 14 cents higher than the national average.

“Every day, I receive phone calls, every single day, I get phone calls. ‘Why are we so much higher. What’s going on?’ said Patti Artessa, northeast regional director of government and public affairs for AAA.

Several supply chain issues have collided to cause the increase at the pump.

Cold weather drives up demand of heating oil, more people are driving on the roads and the ongoing issues at the Russian and Ukrainian border are making prices steadily increase, according to industry experts.

“Russia provides nine billion barrels of oil to the marketplace. They’re Europe’s primary supplier. Almost 30 to 40 percent of energy Europe uses comes from Russia,” said Patrick Penfield, a professor of practice - supply chain management at Syracuse University.

The fear is that global sanctions could impact the oil provided by Russia.

Experts suspect prices will increase to $4 per gallon by Memorial Day.

“The Biden administration has some recourse. They could release more oil from the strategic national reserve, and the second thing they can do is start buying more oil from Iran,” said Penfield.

As for what you can do now to save money, AAA suggests avoiding speeding or aggressive driving, using cruise control on the highway, keeping your engine properly tuned and tires inflated, and removing excess weight from your vehicle.

They also suggest using memberships at gas stations for five- or 10-cent discounts.

“Avoid driving in heavy traffic when possible. The stop-and-go motion, it eats up the gas,” said Artessa.