A former teacher in Baldwinsville changed her career to follow her true passion. Natalie Greathouse has always had an eye for design and wanted to be able use her creativity to help others improve their homes. Greathouse loves making suggestions on how to make improvements.

“This is absolutely, 100% passion. I only went to school for education,” said Greathouse.

The Liverpool native and mother of two was a teacher in Virginia for 13 years. During that time she would commonly tutor students at their homes on the side.

“I would be sitting there in these beautiful homes and just thinking about like, this furniture item should be over here, or they should really have a larger rug, you know, my brain was always just going there and I felt like OK, this is definitely a passion,” she said.

Natalie and her family moved back to Central New York a few years ago. But, when her husband was laid off when the pandemic first hit she decided to make her favorite hobby and side job a career.

“I started the process of getting my LLC. Establishing everything, creating my website; had to decide what my services options would actually be,” she said. 

Her company, called Greathouse of Decor, officially launched last December. Since then, Natalie has worked with dozens of clients, either in-person or through online consultations. She’ll go into a home or view a room of choice online and suggest everything from making a color change to to adding things like a clock, vases, or pillows.

For the holidays, she’ll also give clients suggestions on how to give a room a more festive look.

“Maybe you see an idea on Pinterest here or there, but I feel like I just have a different eye. And, I’ve actually seen through doing this, I think my brain just works differently. You know, everyone has different talents and specialties and I think my brain just, it goes there,” she said.

Natalie knows what she does is pretty unique, but her career change from a teacher to a home designer goes to show you, you should never hesitate to go after the job you truly love doing.

Natalie travels all over the state to help spruce up her clients homes. She’s on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can learn more about her at greathouseofdecor.com.