While modern medicine is always making advances, some prefer a more simple and natural method for themselves and their pets. One vet clinic in the Southern Tier is combining conventional and eastern medicine.

It's a natural approach to pet care. For example, one of the Freeville clinic’s patients is Bowie, and he's come to get an acupuncture treatment.

“It’s a really great option for pain management, particularly when we’re trying to avoid other medications that might have additional side effects,” said Dr. Sophie Trowbridge.

Acupuncture is one of many holistic practices they offer at Elemental Pet Vets.

“Most dogs do just this, they sit, sometimes they get sleepy, this guy’s very full of energy so I don’t think he will fall asleep,” said Trowbridge.

Dr. Curtis Dewey and his wife Jeanette transformed an 1800s-era barn into his vet practice. Much of the furniture inside is second hand.

“Anywhere from this curtains, to this beautiful panel here, our chairs, the flooring,” said Jeanette.

Dressers are used as exam tables, to give the office a homey feel.

“Owners will mention that they seem like they’re not afraid to come to the vet’s, because it's more like a house,” said Dr. Curtis Dewey.

Max is another patient that came for his water treadmill therapy. With encouragement from Dr. Dewey, Max gets started with his treatment. This is his first time trying it out, but after some practice he gets the hang of it.

“Just pretty much everything about it. I like to make the pets feel better, I love the science behind it and I really like interacting with the pet owners,” said Dewey.

Dr. Dewey is a former professor at Cornell and with his decades of experience he’s branching out his practice with an MRI machine.

“There’s another place in town that has an MRI, other than that the next places would be Albany, Rochester, and they can’t keep up with the caseload either,” said Dewey.

Some might be skeptical of holistic medicine for their pet, but they’re combining conventional and eastern medicine practices to give the best care.

“That’s my view of what’s holistic, is not, ‘well, you can get some herbals instead of this.' It’s like, no, you’ll probably get some herbals, in addition to this,” said Dewey.

Dr. Dewey and Jeanette’s passion for restoring this historic building matches their passion for caring for every pet that comes through the door. Elemental Pet Vets is on Route 13 in Freeville.