After about a year and a half at home, many people are catching the travel bug. Whether you want to get away this holiday season or sometime next year, the time to book is now. With the pandemic still a concern, there are a lot of things to consider before doing so.

The most popular international destinations right now include Caribbean islands, like the Dominican Republic and Mexico, according to AAA.

A travel agent can help coordinate your travel and pay attention to changing regulations.

Resorts, hotels and cruises are filling up fast, according to Geri Van Alstine, an international travel consultant with AAA. Prices are better if you book far in advance and travelers guarantee themselves a room, she said.

“If they’re booking at 50% capacity and people are saying, ‘Oh, we’re going. We’re getting married next year and we’re going on a honeymoon,’ so they’re booking it because they know that they’re definitely going to do that,” said Van Alstine. “So it’s always better at least get the land part. Airline tickets you can’t do that far out.”

Tour operators are less flexible about canceling or rebooking than they were earlier in the pandemic, so protect yourself in case of last-minute changes, Van Alstine said. There are a variety of insurance types you can purchase for your trip, but do your research before buying. The options vary by state and trip provider.

“You really have to be careful, look it over, decide which insurance is the best for you to cover you while you’re traveling as well,” said Van Alstine. “If you cancel for any reason, a lot of time, it's just a future travel credit, not money back.”

Cancel-for-any-reason insurance is not available in New York State. There is a chance, however, that if your travel provider is out of state, they may provide it, according to Van Alstine.