Onondaga County's health department is struggling with noncompliant individuals who test positive for the coronavirus, according to County Executive Ryan McMahon on Thursday.

McMahon said that the Onondaga County Health Department has been having issues contact tracing from individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. Contact tracing calls are made to individuals who produce positive test results for the virus to collect data such as who do you live with and where do you work in an effort to stop the spread.

If positive individuals continue to refuse to comply with county orders, McMahon says executive action may be on the table to ensure that there is compliance throughout the community to COVID-19 mitigation efforts, including $500 fines for noncompliance.

"We know who you are; we know where you live," said McMahon. "We will find people."

McMahon also reported that random testing for school districts throughout the county have begun. Manlius Pebble Hill was tested first and zero cases were found. Seventeen schools will be included in the random pool testing this Friday with results to be reported afterwards.

While testing in the community is focusing heavily on students and school staff this week, the upcoming Syracuse University game also requires testing before attending. McMahon said the county would not be able to supply enough tests for SU to conduct the testing needed to attend the game, if you don't have a COVID-19 vaccination card already.


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