It's that time of year when our upstate concert venues are hosting a lot of amazing acts.              

But before you buy tickets, it's important to remember to stay safe.

And the New York State DMV is stepping in to help with Operation Prevent.

Investigators with “Operation Prevent” have seen a spike in the use of fake IDs at concert venues, and they are cracking down.

“If you take an ID and you drop it in here it will immediately scan it check in all different types of light sources and pop up the results if the document is good dad or if there’s an issue with it,” Owen McShane, NYS DMV director of investigation, explained.

This device is just one of the tools investigators are using to verify I-Ds - especially out of state licenses.

They are targeting locations that have been problematic historically, like SPAC and CMAC, where they seized 17 fake IDs last week.

The director of investigation for New York State’s DMV says the biggest concern is traffic safety, and making sure teenagers are not drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel at the end of the night.

And he stresses that there are consequences for getting caught with a fake ID.

“First time offenders, what we traditionally do is we will site the individual for violation of the vehicle traffic law...basically a traffic summons, and will take administrative action through DMV, which can result in a suspension of your driver’s license for 90 days up to one year,” McShane said. “Repeat offenders or a first time offenders who have other factors in play could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.”

McShane also warns that buying a fake ID online can put you at risk of identity theft.