Axe throwing isn't your average hobby.

“So actually, we went out to Colorado for a friend’s bachelor party, and we went to an axe throwing bar out there, and it was a lot of fun so we came back and within a few weeks we had our own target built," said Kevin Collins, Denim Axe Co. co-owner.

Kevin and his friends loved it right away. The more they threw, the more other people wanted to join in.

“So we figured, ‘hey, this is something this community could probably benefit from,’" said Collins.

So naturally the six friends became the six co-owners of Denim Axe.

“What you want to do is pick your target. If it’s the bullseye, then that’s where you want to release when you’re throwing. It’s really one simple motion," said Collins.

Kevin also juggles his day job as an engineer. You’ll see lots of handcrafted decorations too, like a wall of denim, walls of road signs and seats made out of bicycle parts.

“You know, kinda re-purpose something that would end up in the dumpster anyways," said Collins. “We’re just a local group of guys that got together and this is something we like to do and we wanted to kinda share it with other people.”

A group of guys that branched out beyond their garage to bring axe throwing to Elmira Heights.

All visitors must fill out a waiver to join in on the fun. You have to be at least 15-years-old and you’re going to want to wear closed-toed shoes.