Rockets were launching in Baldwinsville Saturday as teams competed in the American Rocketry Challenge. Students competed to see who can get the best flight duration and altitude.

Six hundred and fifteen teams originally entered the competition, but now there are just 100 and they're all hoping to make it to the top 10.

Two teams from New York, in Millbrook and Huntington, made it to Saturday's phase of the competition. Other teams traveled all the way from Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.  

“We tried our best and this was our first year competing, and my friend and I made this club last year but this is our first year actually doing a competition," said Vidushi Meel from Lexington, Massachusetts. "Last year was just kinda brainstorming and especially because of the pandemic we couldn’t compete, but this year we were able to so we’re really grateful for that.”

The top 100 teams are competing for $100,000 worth of prizes.