If you're looking to set a goal for yourself, we may have the event for you.

Plans were announced for the Great New York State Marathon which includes four new in-person events at the state fairgrounds later this fall.
The proceeds will benefit a great cause, as well.

What You Need To Know

  • Runners are encouraged to set a goal for themselves and run a full or half marathon, or maybe a 5K or 10K

  • All four events will be part of the first ever Great New York State Marathon Weekend, which will take place on October 16 and 17 at the New York State Fairgrounds

  • The proceeds will benefit Kelleigh's Cause, which is a non-profit that continues to fund medical research in order to find a non-invasive treatment for AVM

Events in the Great New York State Marathon will include a new 5K and 10K, which will take place on Saturday, October 16 and a full and half marathon taking place on Sunday, October 17.

The proceeds from the race will go to benefit Kelleigh's Cause. Kelleigh Gustafson, 24, was diagnosed with Arteriovenus Malformation when she was four years old.

AVM is a rare condition that is an abnormal connection between the blood vessels. Kelleigh has had more than 90 surgeries and has had to deal with headaches and pain for years.

Money brought in from the races will be raised for her non-profit and go towards funding medical research to hopefully find a less invasive way to treat the condition.

One of the great features of the full and half marathons will that they will loop Onondaga Lake. This Great New York State marathon will replace the former Empire State Marathon, which started and finished at NBT Bank Stadium for years.

"We're very excited. And, we have this thing called the Excelsior Challenge, so if you can do a 5K one day and then the half the next, you get three different medals and it's considered the Excelsior Challenge. We're just excited to bring the community back together again, since we couldn't connect last year," said Kelleigh's Cause Co-Founder Kelleigh Gustafson.

Kelleigh is from Manlius and her non-profit is known all over the country in an effort to fight this rare disease.

Kelleigh's Cause is also hosting the Chocolate Challenge 5K which is set to take place on July 24 in person. That is scheduled to take place at Long Branch Park in Liverpool. ​

If you'd like more information about the Great New York State Marathon or the Chocolate Challenge, just visit GreatNewYorkStateMarathon.org or ChocolateChallenge.org.