Elizabeth Donaldson begins every day by lacing up her sneakers, with a smile. She usually does it in the middle of the day and the evening, too. Donaldson went from not doing anything to walking about 10 miles a day.  

What You Need To Know

  • A Camillus woman challenged herself to walk 200 miles last fall

  • Since then, she's walked more than 1,800 miles and lost 105 pounds

  • Elizabeth Donaldson has improved her diet and added strength training, too

“I've just changed every aspect of my life, and I don’t feel like it’s a chore," said Donaldson, a Camillus resident.

Over the summer, Donaldson saw a friend post about her weight loss journey. When she heard about the One New York Challenge, Donaldson committed to walking 200 miles over four months — a goal she crushed within weeks. She upped her goal for the end of 2020, and then committed to walking 2,021 miles in 2,021.

Elizabeth Donaldson has lost more than 100 pounds since she started walking last year.

“I'm not intimidated to go out and walk, and I think before I thought I had to have this fancy exercise program or join a gym, and at the time obviously gyms were closed,” said Donaldson.

Since September, Donaldson has walked every day but one. She’s logged about 1800 miles - before work, during lunch, and around the parking lot at her daughter’s soccer practice. Donaldson has lost more than 105 pounds.

“Besides just exercise and losing weight, it’s been really fun," said Donaldson. "And I’ve also found other ways to be social with friends, besides just going out. Now we’ll go someplace and walk, so that’s been really fun, too.”

After a fun lap around her neighborhood, Donaldson recharged. Instead of five or six diet sodas a day, she drinks more than a gallon of water, and overall makes healthier choices.

“You know, eating more vegetables, more fruits, a lot more protein, smaller portions, and just watching what I’m eating," said Donaldson. "I haven’t given up anything or following a certain program.”

She’s given up a few pants sizes and added energy, happiness, and sightseeing walks.